Port Facilities

Bush Point Boat Ramp

Mutiny Bay Facility

Freeland Park and Holmes Harbor Boat Ramp

Dave Mackie Park and Boat Ramp

Possession Beach Waterfront Park

South Whidbey Harbor at Langley

Clinton Beach Fishing Pier-Dock

Humphrey Road Parking Lot

Island County Fairgrounds

Looking for a convenient boat ramp? Need to moor your boat overnight? Or just want a beautiful spot for a picnic lunch?

Click on any of our facilities above where we've provided all the information you need:

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 Available Services & Facilities
 Hours of Operation
 Arrival/Departure Procedures (where applicable)
 Current Weather
 Navigational Charts

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map of South Whidbey

Bush Point

Mutiny Bay

Freeland Park
Dave Mackie Park

Possession Beach

Langley Harbor

Clinton Park